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Real time analytics on employee engagement

Burnout Data allows you to better understand the organizational behaviors, engagements, and activities that impact employee engagement and result in turnover. These quantitative metrics provide leadership with tools to retain talent, build better product, and elevate the service you provide your customers. 

Data You Can Trust


01. Automated

Employee surveys produce partial datasets influenced more by immediate issues and produce inaccurate views of overall engagement.  Instead, leverage metadata auto-generated by the business to produce high fidelity, accurate insights to behaviors that impact employee engagement.

02. Employee-Centric

Great leaders produce better outcomes by measuring and environment behaviors instead of policing and micro-managing their team members. This employee-centric approach leverages the employees skills and strengths and personal preferences best to achieve the necessary outcome.

03. Real-Time Analytics

HR Business Partners and Team Leaders have real-time insights on team behaviors and anomalies, giving opportunity to recognize extra effort, connect with remote team members, and find ways to serve their team more effectively.

Culture is a leaders primary output

Team mates serve customers, build products, monitor finances, and market the company. Leaders build environments that allow their teams to exercise their creativity, strengths, and internal motivations to give exceptional service. Burnout Data gives qualitative metrics that help leaders build a workplace cultures with a tangible benefit on company profitability




Raise the standard for businesses that engage their team members as invaluable assets and not an expense to be managed.


Build tools for organizations to create a work environment that retains employees, advances employee careers, and expands their impact within the organization. 


  • Servant Leadership

  • Positive Colleague Relationships

  • Diverse Skills and Strengths

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